Wills & Probate

For your peace of mind and to ensure that your loved ones are catered for you need to have your own will. We have the specialist knowledge to prepare tailored wills to suit your circumstances. After a death it is important for those who are left behind that the estate is administered with sympathy as well as with efficiency. It involves obtaining valuations of all the assets of the estate, agreeing the tax liability, applying for the Grant of Probate (or Letters of Administration in the event that there is no Will) and then with that authority gathering in the assets of the estate and administering them according to the Will or according to intestacy laws as the case may be.

As an income provider or parent it is even more important to plan for the eventualities following death in order to minimise the distress and worry for loved ones.

E1 Solicitors also provide tailored, general, specific or enduring powers of attorney.